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Pulwama attack: the US with India, given confidence in Intelligence Support.

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America is ready to cooperate with India in every way to punish the culprits of the Pulwama attack. The US government endorsed India’s self-defense rights on Saturday and promised every possible help. Now collaborating in providing US diplomatic and intelligence information to India engaged in the investigation of the Pulwama attack. Not only this, the United States stands with India in dealing with the obstacles coming in the United Nations to ban Masood Azhar, the head of the Jaish-e-Mohammed. So far, due to China, Azhar has been avoiding sanctions.

Explain that if India wishes to make successful air strikes on Pakistan, then it will need accurate intelligence. In such a situation, intelligence assisted by the US will come in handy.

On Saturday, US National Security Adviser John Bolton spoke on his phone with his Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. They expressed resentment and condolences on the attack. They trusted every possible help. Not only that, soon the US will talk to India on the issue of terrorism, in which there will be the talk of tightening the screws on Azhar.

According to the press release issued after the talks between the two national security advisers of both countries, America is with India to get punishments and justice for the criminals of the attack. The two countries will decide together how to prevent Pakistan from becoming a terror hideaway, So that terror organizations such as Jaish could not create a conspiracy against India, US or any other country. ‘

Pakistan is violating the UN Resolution by allowing the terrorists to roam open here. In such a situation, if India takes any step to isolate Pakistan at the international level then the United States will support India. Let you know that Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terrorist organization run by Pakistan, has taken responsibility for the Pulwama attack. They carried out this attack with the help of a local man named Adil, in which 40 jawans were martyred.