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Pulitzer got Award for Best Journalism, New York Times and New Yorker Magazine.

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New York, The New York Times newspaper and ‘The New Yorker’ magazine won the Pulitzer Prize for Best Journalism. This award was given for reporting on allegations of harassment of several actresses on Harvey Weinstein, who has a high stature in the film world. Let the Pulitzer Prize be considered the most respected honor in American journalism.

Since these reports in October last year, more than 100 women have been accused of harassing Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment. Not only this, this reporting gave birth to the #MeToo Campaign, under which women and men across the world were sharing experiences related to sexual harassment.

Only after the report, Harvey Weinstein’s marriage is broken and London, New York, Los Angeles are under the scanner of police investigation and his former production company has declared itself as bankrupt. Wayne was also excluded from his company.

On the other hand, Washington Post and New York Times have been jointly awarded for reporting of interference by Russia in the US presidential elections in 2016.

Pulitzer for first time rapper
American rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for his album ‘Dam’. According to CNN.com.com website, during the awards ceremony on Monday, Lamar’s album won the award. For the first time in history, a rap artist has been awarded this prestigious award. For the first time, an artist has won this award in non-classical and other rap zones. ‘Dam’ is Lamar’s fourth studio album, which was released in April 2017. Lamar won five Grammy Awards for this album in January.