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Public content will be saved in the archive, delete the account before Google+ is closed.

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Google’s social networking service Google+ is going to shut down completely next month. The company will start deleting data from all users on April 2. Google had announced its closure of this service in the past year itself. In February 2019, the company has started offlining many Google+ features. The company is now going to start deleting its users’ data, such as the Internet Archive and archive team have announced that they will work to save all the public posts on Google+.

Archive for public posts
The Internet Archive and Archive Team gave a report in a report that both of them have started archiving Google Plus public posts. Sites have said that users who do not want their data to be saved in the archive can delete their posts and accounts. Although not all of Google Plus’s content will be saved in the archive. Sites have stated that all types of private posts or deleted content will not be saved.

Public photos and videos will be saved in low resolution
Also, threads with more than 500 comments will not be included in the archive. With this, public photos and videos will also be saved in low resolution. Both the Internet Archive Sites said that there was no plan to archive their Google Plus data, as long as the company did not decide to close Google Plus. Those who want to help these sites to archive the data of Google Plus, they can also volunteer. Let me tell you that the announcement to close Google after a large security issue was revealed.

Google said that due to the closing of Google Plus, it was a response from users. The company says that the engagement of users on social platforms was rapidly decreasing and most of the user sessions were reduced to five seconds. Last month the company has removed the feature of new users signing on and creating a new page or community on Google Plus. The company says the site data will be gradually deleted in multiple steps starting from April 2, 2019.

Delete your Google+ account
The process of deleting a Google+ account is very easy. Open your Gmail account’s ID and password at The option to delete Google Services will be in front of you. Click on the Deleted option in front of Google+ By doing so a window will open, which states that you have chosen to delete the Google+ profile. It will contain all the details of your Google+ account. It will be told that your public Google+ profile will be deleted. Scroll down to the bottom of the window. Tick ​​the columns at the bottom and click Delete Google+. After doing so, your Google+ account will be deleted and this message will appear on your screen.