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PUBG New State Mobile Lunar New Year Event

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The game’s publisher Krafton stated on Thursday that PUBG New State will be rebranded to New State Mobile. The popular battle royale game for smartphones, which was released in November 2021, has a new name, according to Krafton. Since then, it has received over 45 million downloads. While Krafton provides a desktop version of PUBG, which just became a free-to-play game, the company’s recent decision to rename the game PUBG New State hints that it will remain a mobile-only game, with no plans to release it on PC or consoles.

In a tweet on Thursday, the South Korean publisher announced that PUBG New State has been rebranded to New State Mobile. New State Mobile has already taken over Krafton’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. In the tweet, Krafton states, “NEW STATE has always been a mobile-focused experience, and via the change to NEW STATE MOBILE, we are taking this to the core.” According to a previous source, the game was published in November of last year and has already received over 45 million downloads. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store listings for the game still featured the original PUBG: New State title at the time of publication.

While celebrating the Lunar New Year event, which began today, January 31, 2022, UBG New State Mobile users may now earn a Frozen Wonderland crate and a Troi 150% BP card. The only thing they need to do to acquire the crate and Troi is redeeming the voucher code at on the PUBG New State redemption page. GETFROZEN31MON is the promo code for the same. Players should keep in mind that the code will only be available today, so they should redeem it as soon as possible.

New State Mobile informed the public about the situation via their official Twitter account. “The first day of the Lunar New Year Coupon Event has come! A ‘Frozen Wonderland’ crate and a Troi 150% BP Card are up for grabs today! – GETFROZEN31MON COUPON CODE – LINK: * The coupon code is valid until the 31st of January at 23:59 (UTC) “It sent out a tweet.

It should be mentioned that the PUBG New State Mobile Lunar New Year event begins today and ends on February 2, 2022. “As many of you prepare to celebrate the Lunar New Year across the world,” the game stated in a statement, “we’re ringing in the Year of the Tiger by releasing a surprise coupon event to start the festivities in NEW STATE MOBILE!”

PUBG New State will also be posting limited-time coupons every day on its official social media platforms over the Lunar New Year season, starting today. Players will receive in-game rewards with each voucher.PUBG New State Mobile Lunar New Year Event