PUBG New State

PUBG New State December update: New weapons, cars, and several improvements

Gameplay Technology

The PUBG New State December update has arrived, bringing with it a slew of new features and a plethora of bug fixes. The December patch will be released on December 9 for all players on the stable version of Krafton, and it’s being referred to as such. The game addresses many of the issues that were raised before and adds a few new weapons, vehicles, and other features. Although there are no new maps and gaming modes, there are a few repairs and improvements.

The free December 9 patch will be available for Android and iOS devices. New State gamers can keep an eye out for the game’s update on the Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) for improvements and new features (for iPhone players). The patch downloads can be pretty significant. Therefore it’s best to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

What are new updates for PUBG New State in December?

Weapons of Mass Destruction:

It is possible to find the L85A3 assault rifle, which deals the most damage out of all 5.56 assault rifles, on the planets Erangel and Troi, but it has a limited rate of fire.

In addition to increasing damage, the M416 [C2] Long Barrel boosts vertical recoil. You can only use this attachment once during a match to disable the M416’s muzzle slot.

SLR [C2] 5.56mm Barrel improves accuracy but suffers more minor damage than the 7.62mm barrel, which is a disadvantage.

New Automobiles:

A 6-seater electric minibus that is more dependable than other vehicles. Even if you’re traveling with the entire squad, you can exchange seats while the car is in motion. Only on Troi and Training Ground can you find it.

The Mesta excels in both acceleration and a top speed in the classic world of two-seater sports cars. It’s possible to get the Mesta is a standard or open model. Specific locations of Troi and the Training Ground are home to this item.

Vol. 2 of Survivor Pass

Bella, a member of the Dream Runners faction, serves as the season’s central figure. You must complete the story missions to get all of Bella’s costumes. After completing Level 48 of the Premium Pass, you’ll be rewarded with better-level prizes, including vehicle skins and extra character costumes, as well as 1500 NC for survivors. BP Chests have also been added as a Free Pass reward in the games.

Fixes for bugs

Numerous adjustments have been made to the vehicle’s handling.

Thanks to Kraton, the spawn points on the Station Deathmatch map have also been adjusted, making it easier to identify an opponent’s starting place.

This patch brings some improvements to the Troi map’s quality of life.