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PUBG Mobile returns: Coming up exclusively for India only

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PUBG Mobile is the most popular smartphone video game in the world.
PUBG Mobile was able to create a huge fan base, especially in India. However, India has banned PUBG mobile games in the wake of concerns over the handling of consumer information.

Since then, there has been a growing demand from PUBG fans for the return of PUBG Mobile. But the government has not given in to that.
PUBG Corporation has announced that PUBG Mobile will be returning to India soon with a special Indian edition. This will be with the permission of the Government of India.

Two applications of the PUBG game were banned in the country on September 2 under the IT Act 69A. The action is a violation of the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country. With this, PUBG games were unavailable on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and other app stores available in the country.

With the ban, the Chinese company that introduced PUBG to India is hiding its connection with Tencent. The names of makers and real owners of the game were out by the South Korean company PUBG Corporation.
PUBG Corporation plans to get rid of Tencent and operate the game themselves. In addition, PUBG Corporation is trying to bring back the game with the help of companies like Reliance Jio and Airtel.

It is in this context that the move to launch a special regional edition of PUBG Corporation exclusively for India under the name ‘PUBG Mobile India‘. Restrictions on creating a healthy gaming experience among young people will also be introduced.

A special company office will be in India to introduce the game and provide services to local interests. Of these, more than 100 will be employed. Crafton INC has announced that it will invest $ 1 billion in the country for this. PUBG will provide testing and facilities that take into account the safety and privacy of the users.

The company has shared teaser videos featuring game influencers for PUBG Mobile India. The company has also launched a special website for it. But no further details are available. The only banner in it is PUBG Mobile India coming soon.

The company has not made it clear that when it will launch the game in India. It is said that it will be released soon. No official information is out stating anything about permission at the government level in this regard.