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PUBG Mobile has more than 400 million downloads, left behind all in earnings.

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PUBG Mobile has become the world’s highest-paid online game. Recently, PUBG has announced that the game has been downloaded more than 40 million times so far and has 5 million daily active users outside of China. Speaking of revenues, according to a report, the company has earned $ 146 million last month, which is much higher than the other online games earnings.

Most of the game’s earnings come from in-game purchases. Buy players skin and costumes for your in-game look. Apart from this, the company has been earning heavily from the game for Peace launched after the launch of PUBG Mobile in China. Talking about last year, PUBG Mobile had earned $ 700 million.

PUBG keeps bringing new updates from time to time to keep the adventures of mobile gamers. Under this, the new map of the game is going to launch Sanhok on June 22. Inspired map from Sanhok Island. This map is designed on the basis of the landscape of Thailand and the Philippines. It is being said that PubGlobal Mobile is preparing for another Snow Theme Map. However, the official information about it has not come out yet.

Talking about latest updates, on Wednesday, the Tencent game released Team Deathmatch gameplay for PUBG Mobile. In this update, PUBG Mobile has brought the 4v4 battle mode for fast-paced firefights and many in-game editions for the first time. The new mode uses players to work together, communicate and make the chicken dinner as soon as possible.