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Pro tips for all the newbies to make the most out of college

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Let’s be optimistic now and imagine, soon this lockdown will be lifted. We’ll all go back to the daily grind. Most of us will be getting in a new college and that means a whole new set of friends, teachers, subjects, basically a whole new life. So why not make the best of it? Here are 5 pro tips for all the newbies to enjoy college life to the fullest.

• Socialise

Introvert much? I get it to, I’m an introvert too and socialising is a super tough task for me too, but trust me on this, college is the best platform for you to step outside your comfort zone and socialise. Once you find your tribe, you’re gonna love it. After all what’s life without friends. Start with a simple hello or maybe a compliment.

• Take part in co curricular activities

Many colleges have really great clubs and societies. Take part in them. It’s going to hello to be more responsible and articulate. Join it as per your interests. You can also make friends there.

• Defy yourself

This is the time for change. You need to step up. If you have stage fright, get up, go on the stage, pick the mic, sing your heart out. Do the stand up comedy act you do for your friends. Play the music and get groovy. Go and explore the place alone. Complete the book you were reading. Take up that internship. Compliment the girl you like. Do it. Step out of your comfort zone for once and see the magic happen.

• Become more accepting and open minded

This generation is the future of the country. Make sure you become more sensible with time. Be more civil, be accepting. There will be different types of people around you, don’t judge, be open minded. Change your perspective, be the bigger person. And accept people the way they are.

• Love yourself

Lastly, the most important one. Always love yourself. Put yourself before everyone. It’s okay to be a little selfish. This is difficult but you can do it. I believe in you. I respect you. Fall in love with everything you do. Spread love. Smile at the elderly man you offered your seat to, smile at the teacher who you just greeted, smile at the college watchman when showing your id card. Be nice to people and look how life gets so much better. Good luck!