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Why did the price of BitCoin fall one-third in one day?

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For those who have invested in the Cryptocurrency i.e. virtual currency bitcoin, it was quite shock Friday.

After touching the record price of 20 thousand dollars (about 13 lakh rupees), its price fell to one-third on Friday.

According to the QuinDesk Exchange site, the fastest-ever bitcoin price in recent days was $ 11,000 a day, although later it could see some improvements.

As soon as the news spread in the market, Bitcoin had to stop the transaction. Quinibas, the largest company in the Bitcoin Exchange, had to stop the transactions by citing technical reasons twice a day.

Apart from this, the functioning of American exchange company CME and CBOE also got stalled for some time.

The last 12 months for Bitcoin have been very encouraging, which at the beginning of this year was $ 1,000.

The speed of its climb had skyrocketed in November and during this time, bitcoin prices doubled.

Because of this, a large number of investors were attracted.

Every experts knows it definitely happens.

But the price of bitcoin is being recorded from last Sunday and its prices are returning to the early days of December.

Nicholas, the co-founder of New York’s Datacrack Research, said “Just like this, this currency is the behavior and since it has started, it has been like this, there is a lot of fluctuation in it and it will also be in the future. . ”

Jaspers Loller, the research director of London Capital Group, said in an interview to the Guardian Akhbar, “In the last 24 hours, investors of Bitcoin may have known the law of gravity i.e. old investors are familiar with this fluctuation, but With this, new investors can go away by fear. ”

However, some experts say that the speed of bidding and rapid decline in bitcoin depend on the investors and many investors were waiting for this moment.

Actually, some experts believe that the increase in price in the entire year did not want to lose the investor and the fall in bitcoin prices, probably due to the decision of the investors.

It is like gambling.

According to Löwler, “Newbie was needed to maintain the boom in Bitcoin prices overnight, it was a financial bubble called the Foolish Theory which means that whenever a fool likes to buy a junk at a high price If you agree, you can bet on expensive prices. ”

Bitcoin Broker Nicholas is worried that perhaps due to the huge drop in prices, there is an interdisciplinary framework of the cryptoconcency.

In the last few weeks, there was already an atmosphere of Ahattra Chafri in the markets by the news of hacking and currency insider trading inside Bitcoin.

And now financial regulatory bodies are also justified their warnings, in which investors were advised to stay away from this illegal currency.

The strongest comment came from the Danish Central Bank president in which he had given it a ‘dangerous gambling’.

Earlier this month, a UK leading financial regulator had warned that “those who have invested in the bitcoin should be ready to lose now.”