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President Donald Trump signs sign on bill, ending crisis of shutdown in America.

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Washington, US President Donald Trump has signed a bill providing funds to the government temporarily to abolish the ongoing ban for nearly three days, to which the government will provide funds for a fortnight. According to the news, the federal government is expected to start functioning from Tuesday. However, this agreement is only for February 8.

Thousands of federal employees sent on unpaid leave from Saturday have breathed a sigh of relief. The Democratic Party agreed to support this bill after the Republican Party’s assurances of discussing the ‘future of illegal young immigrants’. The period for funding the federal government will end on February 8.

After the agreement between Mintity leader Chuck Shumar and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Senate, both the House of Representatives and Senate approved the bill providing funds to the government to end government proceedings on Monday. In the House of Representatives, 266 votes were cast in favor of this bill while 159 votes against it. In the Senate, 81 votes in favor of this bill and 18 votes in the opposition

According to CNN, however, the main issues are still unresolved. Trump, signing this bill said, “I am glad that the Democrats have understood the Congress. We will only make long term settlements on immigration only when it will be right for our country. ” McConnell said that his party is ready to discuss the immigration agreement. Democrats want protection from the so-called ‘Dreamers’ being deported. Dreamers are those people who came from other countries at a very young age and settled in America.