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In preparation for banning Islamic Burqa and Hijab, Denmark.

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Copenhagen, The Danish government is preparing to ban the wearing of women’s burqas in the country. The government will prohibit the wearing of such clothes of women in public places, where the face is covered completely. According to the Independent’s report, the government says that we are considering introducing a proposal to ban wearing of burqa or hijab in public places. Those who do this on public place will have to pay a fine.

According to the proposal, a penalty of 120 pounds i.e. about 9,545 rupees will be imposed on violation of the rule. If one is found to do more than once, then this fine can be up to Rs 1 lakh. Denmark’s Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen said, “Facing the face while meeting people in public place is contrary to the values ​​of Danish society.”

He said, “Through this bane, we want to prove that we are a society which trusts each other and speaks face-to-face while meeting.” This proposal of the government is supported by the three parties involved in the ruling coalition. Although the Muslim population in Denmark is very low and its impact on the ban will be about 200 women.

Before Denmark these European countries had planted buns on the Niqab
France, Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Germany are countries that have already banned the burqe. In 2011, this ban was also given a legal challenge in Belgium, but the European Court of Human Rights had retained it saying that Belgium has the right to ban.