Pregnancy: Keep blood pressure under control during pregnancy or else problems may increase

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Pregnancy: As the number of diabetic patients increases in India, the number of high blood pressure sufferers is also increasing. According to statistics, one out of every five youth in India is a victim of high blood pressure. One of the reasons behind early deaths worldwide is the pressure on the heart due to high BP. Many changes in life at high speed also become the reason for high blood pressure.

Among others, high BP in pregnancy can cause serious problems. This affects the health of the mother, and the health of the baby can also be affected. Therefore, it is essential that during the entire 9 months of pregnancy, special care should be taken that BP remains under control. It may be possible to give normal birth to a perfectly healthy baby if precautions are taken.

Complications related to high blood pressure in pregnancy

Women with high BP are more prone to complications during childbirth than other women, so doctors recommend monitoring the BP levels of such women all the time. In fact, due to high BP, other organs also have a terrible effect. For example, there may be a decrease in kidney function in women with high blood pressure. Not only this, the weight of the children of these women may be very low at birth or maybe delivered prematurely.

This problem of high BP can be already present in women, or it can also develop during pregnancy. However, in most cases, it can be typical with the birth of the baby. Sometimes this problem can persist forever.

Be careful about these symptoms in pregnancy
If you already have the problem of high blood pressure, then clearly tell it to the doctor while planning the family. If during pregnancy symptoms such as severe headache, visual disturbances, nervousness, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, pain in the upper right side under the ribs, less urination, breathlessness, swelling of the legs, tell the doctor without delay.

Take special care of these things

  • Include plenty of fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Eat food that will keep you agile throughout the day.
  • If you are overweight, then you must try to reduce it before pregnancy.
  • Some medicines for high BP can be taken during pregnancy, but do not take any medicine without medical advice.
  • Be physically active. Do yoga or light exercise with the advice of a doctor.
  • Cut down on excess amounts of both sugar and salt.
  • Keep checking BP regularly.