Post covid syndrome

Post covid syndrome: protein missing from nerve cells of some people who have become corona negative, veg, and non-veg taste the same

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Post covid syndrome: After six months of Covid infection, I started feeling the taste but could not handle the difference in the test of veg-non and potato-paneer. Some smell is being found, but the fragrance of rose and perfume is not being found. Such cases are now coming to the ENT specialists of medical colleges and private hospitals. These cases are recognized as Post covid syndrome.

Doctors say that it is being found in only those patients in the ICU for a long time. Steroid medicines lasted a long time. Nose-Ear, Throat Specialist Prof. According to Rohit Mehrotra, the problem of taste and smell can last for four to six months in some patients. Although it is a curable disease, many people have also been cured.

There may be 10% of people in whom this disease is possible to persist for a lifetime. However, it is not possible to say anything as of now. According to him, one or two such cases are coming in a week who are still struggling with taste and smell. The problem is that only one kind of smell is being felt. Similarly, some tastes are being found in the taste, and some are not being found at all. In a way, patients are confused about the taste.

Can’t find ACE-2 protein
Experts say that the corona infection is actually the first in the nerve cells of the nose, and the virus makes a hole here. This kills the cells that provide the sense of taste and smell. There is a process for those cells to regenerate, and that can take time.