Pongal 2021: Know the importance of this day

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Pongal, one of the most famous festivals of South India, will be celebrated from 14 January. This festival will run till 17 January. This festival lasting four days is also celebrated as New Year. People celebrate this four-day festival as a festival.

Lord Surya is mainly worshipped on the festival of Pongal. On this day, people wake up in the morning and take a bath and offer water to Lord Surya and wish for happiness. It is believed that donating on this day also gives merit. Animals are also worshipped on the occasion of Pongal. On this day, the cow and the bull are beautifully prepared and worshipped. On this day, different types of bowels are also extracted.

Pongal festival lasts for four days

People also know the name of ‘Bhogi Pongal’ on the first day of this festival lasting four days. On this day people see a different enthusiasm. Apart from this, a game of Jallikattu is also played on this occasion. During this time people run after him to control the bull. The game is played with great enthusiasm in many parts of Tamil Nadu.

Lord Sun is worshiped

People also like to wear new clothes on the day of Pongal. In addition, a variety of dishes are made in the new vessel. People also invite each other to their home. After worshiping Lord Surya, the offerings of the dishes are made. After this, people are divided. People especially decorate their homes on the occasion of this festival.