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Polling in the United Nations Security Council today for new oil restrictions on North Korea.

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United Nations: There will be a vote on this draft proposed by the United States in the United Nations Security Council, in which Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear programs have been banned and banned for supply of important oil. The US is negotiating with China in response to the stringent ban on Pyongyang as a response to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launch on November 28.

Diplomats said that the polling will take place at one o’clock in the local time. In the new draft, restrictions on distribution of raw and refined oils have been tightened to North Korea while tightening the previous restrictions.

According to information received from AFP, the restrictions will be imposed on the supply of about 90 percent of the refined oil of North Korea, and all the North Korean nationals working abroad will also return to the country within 12 months. will be given.