Political crisis: deepened in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel all energetic now.

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The collapse of negotiations on the coalition for the formation of a new government in Germany has once again seen a serious political crisis. The whole country has come to Chancellor Angela Merkel once again to take this difficult step out of the country. For the last few weeks, due to the temporary government, Germany is not able to take any bold policy decisions. There is no scope for any possible alliance and in such a situation, Germany may once again be forced to face the elections before time. There is also the risk of not getting a full coalition like in the September elections. Merkel’s liberal refugee policy proved to be a deep separator, and after getting no clear majority in the elections, he had to compel him to combine with unequal ideology.

Following a one-month long conversation, Free-Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner said there is no basis for confidence to build a government with Angela’s CDU-CSU and the Conservative coalition of the eco-friendly Greens. Lindner said that it is better than governing poorly that there should be no rule. The conversation was interrupted due to disputed opinions on other issues, including different views on immigration. Expressing regret over the FDP decision, Merkel spoke of the need to expel Germany from this crisis. He said, “As Chancellor … I will do all this to ensure that this country came out of this difficult time.”

Angela’s moderate refugee policy has allowed more than 10 million refugees to come from 2015. Disproportionate to this, some voters took the extreme right wing AFD, who had campaigned in the election of Islamophobia and immigration in front of the September elections.