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Pokemon Go made $1.92 billion in 2020

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Pokemon Go has been in the market since 2016 it’s actually going quite solid. The worldwide Pokemon people group has been physically functional attempting to get them all, especially over the lockdown. In 2020, to manage the worldwide lockdown, Niantic made a lot of changes to the game. That especially relies upon the amount you walk and investigate, so as individuals could play it without leaving their homes.

Obviously, this implied incredible benefits for Niantic and that is nothing unexpected. Pokemon Go has more than 140 million dynamic clients at present and this assisted the game with flourishing 2020. As per a Screenrant report, It made $894 million of every 2019. What’s more, in 2020, as per SuperData, Pokemon Go made $1.92 billion.

SuperData, a worldwide site that gives both quantitative and subjective experiences into various games, delivered their 2020 in the survey. This survey incorporates subtleties of all mainstream games played in 2020 alongside the incomes they produced.

As indicated by SuperData, an immense bit of Pokemon Go’s incomes came from the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 that was held altogether online this time.

Passing by SuperData’s numbers, the top game for the year as far as income was Tencent’s MOBA game Honor of Kings which made $2.54 billion.