PM Narendra Modi on Facebook is twice as popular with President Donald Trump.

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Although the US President Donald Trump is a Twitter Empire, he is far behind on PM Narendra Modi. This claim has been made in a new study. According to this study, Modi is on top of world leaders in terms of follower on social media site Facebook. Facebook has PM Modi’s 434 million followers.

This number is nearly twice as much compared to the Follows of Trump on Facebook. According to Communication firm Burson Marsellar, there are about 2,31 million trolls of Followers on Facebook. However, Facebook is more used in Asia than Twitter. One reason is that the Asian leaders have more Facebook Followers. Following Facebook’s follow-up in almost 50 percent, Combodia’s PM Hoon Sen with 96 million failures is ranked fifth in this list.

According to the study, the funny thing is that in Cambodia, more than Facebook users (71 million) are near Followers PM. However, the official language of Cambodia speaking Khmer is 1.4 million people on Facebook. The firm is studying Facebook pages of 650 individuals, organizations, heads of states, and others from 1 January 2017. According to that, there is more interaction on Trump’s Facebook even after being behind in the case of followers.

In the last 14 months, the US President received more than 20 million 40 million interactions in terms of comments, likes and shares. Modi got more than 11.3 million interactions on Facebook during that time, that is, nearly half of the trump According to the study, Trump puts on average 5 posts daily on Facebook, it is more than double than Modi. Queen Rania of Jordan is third in this list with 1 crore 60 million Followers.

This study, presented on Wednesday, brought global leaders, whose Facebook pages are not handled by the social media team but themselves. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jasidan Ordnen is very active in this case and often keeps going live from home even by car. This seven-month pregnant leader has also found the most love on Facebook. According to the study, there are 14 percent heart reactions in the total reactions received from the follower.