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PM Modi’s voice message used by making fake Digital India website, arrested.

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Lucknow, With the creation of a very important scheme of the Central Government Digital India and misusing the voice message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a fraudulent gang has been exposed by thousands of people by creating fake websites. Uttar Pradesh STF has arrested a man from this gang on Tuesday.

According to a statement issued by the UP STF, the gangster gangster and company owner Sudhanshu Shukla has been arrested from Lucknow by making a fraudulent e-grammatic website and he is a resident of Pratapgarh. Various documents related to mobile phones and fake websites have also been recovered from Sudhansu.

A STF spokesman said, “Many victims of fraud had sent a complaint letter to the Prime Minister’s Office. In the FV letter it was said that some unidentified persons are cheating people by creating fake websites in the name of various programs under the Digital India project. On the basis of this complaint, the responsibility for its investigation was given to the UP STF. It was found in the investigation that a fake website has been created by creating a gang by some persons, in which the message of Digital India’s very important scheme of the central government and the Prime Minister’s video message was uploaded without permission.

The investigation revealed that this website has been hosted on a web server in Switzerland, in which the owner’s address is not recorded and given the foreign number for the contact. The hyperlinks of several government departments have been made available on the website so that the public can believe that it is a part of the digital program. The STF team arrested the gangster Sudhanshu from Gomtinagar in Lucknow on Tuesday, inquiring about the other members of the gang are being inquired.