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PM Modi to visit China next week, Jinping will be the summit talks.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping at the summit in Wuhan on 27-28 April Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has expressed the hope that the meeting between the two leaders will be absolutely successful. Wang congratulated India on becoming a member of the SCO [SCO] and welcomed India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. It was agreed in a meeting in Beijing between Foreign Ministers of both the countries – Sushma Swaraj and Wang Yi.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj met her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. Both leaders discussed the speed of high level communication to improve bilateral relations and to improve relations. During the shared conference, it was told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be on the tour of China on April 27-28, during which time PM Modi will be meeting Chinese President Xi Chunfing.

During the shared conference, Sushma Swaraj said that in 2018 China will make available data of Sutlej and Brahmaputra rivers to India, apart from India and China discussing important issues such as terrorism, Climate Change and Global Healthcare. Sushma Swaraj told that many important issues will be discussed between PM Modi and Shi Xinfing and many agreements will be finalized.

Indeed, Sushma Swaraj has arrived here on a four-day visit to participate in the meeting of the Foreign Minister of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Prior to the bilateral meeting, Wang received Sushma at the Diyuti State Guest House in Beijing.

Wang has been appointed the State Councilor last month, after which he has become the top diplomat in China’s hierarchy. At the same time, he has also been appointed as the External Affairs Minister. This is the first meeting of Sushma from Wang after the State Councilor was created.

During the meeting, Sushma congratulated Wang for making State Counselor and appointing Special Representative for India-China border talks. Wang said that there has been remarkable development in bilateral relations and a positive momentum has also been observed this year under the supervision of leaders of both countries.

He said that on this eve of China’s National People’s Congress concluding this year, President Xi Jinping received an extremely important phone call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Wang said that this call gave positive momentum to the dialogue process between the two countries.

He said that our two leaders deeply exchanged views and China came to the important agreement to pursue relations with India. Wang said that India’s membership in SCO has broadened the possibilities of the organization and its impact. At the same time, we have provided a new forum for India-China cooperation and I believe that India will continue to contribute positively and enthusiasticly in the organization.

After the Dokalam deadlock last year, the two countries have stepped up their efforts, including negotiations at different levels to reduce tension and improve relations.

Just before the meeting of Sushma and Wang, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and the Chinese Communist Party of China (CPC) Chief Executive Officer Yang Jishi met in Shanghai.

Sushma will attend the Foreign Minister level meeting of SCO on April 24 and will be leaving for Mongolia. India and China are trying to improve their relations after the military deadlock lasted for 73 days in Dokalam. Recently, bilateral talks and high-level meetings between the two countries have seen rapid growth.

After the meeting, Sushma said that China has confirmed data sharing on Sutlej and Brahmaputra rivers. Since this has a direct impact on the lives of the people living there, we welcome it. Along with that this year Kailash Mansarovar travel will start from Nathu La pass.

Sushma and Wang praised each other for promoting China-India relations, which last year due to a 73-day military deadlock in Dokalam. Wang said that China-India relations have made good progress under the guidance of our leaders this year and Sushma has made a very important contribution in this, which we appreciate.

He said that on this eve of China’s NPC concluding this year, President Xi Jinping received a very important call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During this, the two leaders exchanged ideas and had given a significant general consensus on the advancement of China-India relations. We have to work very hard to implement it.

Sushma congratulated Wang for becoming China’s special representative on the border issue with State Counselor and India. Sushma said that I am in Beijing, I am very happy and I am very happy to meet you again. I congratulate you for being promoted as the State Counselor of China and re-appointment as an External Affairs Minister. He said that I am very happy to be China’s special representative on the boundary issue with your India.