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PM Modi to meet defence service chiefs tomorrow amid Agnipath protests

Government Indian Air Force

In the midst of the continuing debate over the Agnipath scheme, PM Modi will meet with the chiefs of three services – the Army, Navy, and Air Force tomorrow, June 21.

The prime minister will meet with each of the three military chiefs separately. Top government sources told India Today that Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar will meet PM Modi first.
The three defence forces have already given notice that Agniveers will be recruited under the new military plan.

According to the Army’s notification, candidates will be able to register online starting next month. According to the Army, Agniveers will be a new rank in the Indian Army, distinct from any other current ranks.

They would also be prohibited from divulging any classified material acquired during their four years of service. In August, September, and October, a total of 83 Army recruitment rallies will be held across India under the Agnipath initiative.

Officials from the three agencies offered a wide timeline of Agniveer enrolling under the new policy on Sunday, prompting this development. Lt Gen Anil Puri, assistant secretary in the Department of Military Affairs, told the media that adolescents implicated in arson and violence would not be permitted to join the three services since a police verification process would be carried out beforehand.

He also stated that the Agniveers’ supportive initiatives made in recent days were not in response to the protests and violence.