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PM Modi speech today: PM Narendra Modi’s address to the country tonight, will lockdown 4.0 happen?

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PM Narendra Modi will address the country again at 8 pm tonight. PMs can make a major announcement amid the lockdown 3.0 that continues to prevent the spread of the corona epidemic in the country. The PM had a marathon meeting yesterday with the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country. In this meeting, Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Punjab, Telangana, West Bengal, and Bihar had appealed to increase the lockdown.

Even after lockdown 3.0, new cases of corona are coming up in many parts of the country. It is believed that PM Modi may announce to increase the lockdown in the country again in tonight’s address. According to sources, it is also being said that PM can announce an exit plan in his address from lockdown. It is also being said that cluster wise lockdown can be implemented.

The PMO tweeted that PM Modi will address the country tonight at 8 pm. Explain that in a meeting with the Chief Ministers yesterday, the PM had asked the states for suggestions on the lockdown till May 15.

In the meeting with the CM, the PM had indicated
In a meeting with the Chief Ministers yesterday, PM Modi gave the message that the scope of relaxation and relaxation was increased in the third phase as compared to the second phase, similarly allowing some more activities in lockdown on entering the fourth phase after May 17 Will go.

Researchers also suggested
Apart from these, a study by the Mumbai-based International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) claimed that there has been a significant reduction in corona infection in the country due to the lockdown. It claims that if the lockdown is extended by May 24, then its rate of rising can be less than one (0.975). Similarly, if the lockdown is extended to 31 May, the rate will be 0.945. In view of all these, it can be expected that the fourth phase of the lockdown will be of two weeks i.e. 14 days which will last till May 31.

How often did PM address the country during the Corona period
PM Narendra Modi addressed the country on 19 March and discussed the Corona epidemic at that time. He announced the Janata curfew on 22 March in this address. At the same time, the PM urged people to show their gratitude to the public for the Corona Warriors and to clap and chant on the rooftops of the house at 5 pm that day.

After this, PM Modi addressed the country on 24 March and announced the lockdown in the country from 25 March. Then the PM addressed the country on 3 April, during which he sought 9 minutes from the people of the country on 5 April. On this day, he appealed to people to light a lamp for 9 minutes and light lamps in the ceiling or balcony. After this, the PM addressed the country on 14 April and announced to extend the lockdown till 3 May.