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PM Modi says in SCO summit on Pakistan’s terror attack, Afghanistan is most tragic example.

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Qingdao, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Plenary session of the 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization in China on Sunday. During this, PM Modi once again raised the issue of terrorism and indirectly took Pakistan back. The PM described Afghanistan as the most unfortunate example of the effects of terrorism. Russian President Vladimir Putin was also present in this session.

Prime Minister Modi said that no security will be done with India’s security. After this, the PM said, ‘Afghanistan is the most unfortunate example of the effects of terrorism. I hope that all the countries in the region will honor the President Gani’s steps to establish peace. ”

Appeal for promotion of tourism
The Prime Minister said that only 6 per cent of foreign tourists coming from India come from SCO countries. It can be easily doubled. Increasing awareness of our shared cultures can increase this number. PM Modi said that we will organize the SCO Food Festival and Buddhist Festival in India.

Prime Minister Modi said, ‘We have come back in a stage where physical and digital connectivity is changing the definition of geography. Therefore, connectivity is our priority in our neighborhood and SCO area. ”

Tell us that PM Modi, who arrived to participate in the SCO Summit, on Saturday met other Chinese President Xi Jinping from the summit. The two leaders did this second meeting in 6 weeks. The agreement between India and China was signed in presence of both leaders on Saturday.

What is SCO
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was founded in 2001. Its objectives include solving border disputes, fighting against terrorism, increasing regional security and countering the growing influence of America in Central Asia. Its members are China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan.