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PM Modi addresses the nation, says ‘2022 will be the golden page of building a new India’

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A monthly radio broadcast, ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ featuring PM Modi, was broadcast on December 26 to address the nation. This is the 84th episode of the show, and it will be the final episode of the year 2021. The programme will be broadcast live on the All India Radio (AIR), Doordarshan, and the Narendra Modi mobile application, among other platforms. “The 84th episode of Mann Ki Baat will be the show’s final episode for the year and its final episode overall. Tomorrow at 11 a.m.! #,” the official Mann Ki Baat Twitter handle announced on the social media platform.

PM Modi used his monthly radio broadcast “Mann Ki Baat” to sound a repeated note of caution on the Omicron mutation, stating that “individual alertness and discipline” were the country’s greatest assets in the fight against the pandemic. Following his announcement on booster doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines for health and frontline workers, as well as the beginning of vaccinations for teens between the ages of 15 and 18.

In his broadcast, which was the last of the year, he urged people to exercise caution when dealing with the new variant. “This new Omicron variant is being constantly reviewed by our scientists. Every day they are getting new data and steps are being taken based on their suggestions,” PM Modi stated.

“Our experience over the last two years has taught us that our efforts as citizens are critical in the fight against this global pandemic.” Ultimately, we will prevail over Corona through our collective strength. We must enter the year 2022 with this sense of responsibility. 2022 will be the golden page of building a new India.”

“Crossing the 140 million vaccine doses is an achievement of every Indian. This shows the trust of every Indian in the system; shows trust in science and scientists; and is also a testament to the willpower of we Indians who are fulfilling our responsibilities towards society,”

Group Captain Varun Singh, who died as a result of injuries he sustained in the helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu that also claimed the lives of Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, his wife, and 11 others, was also mentioned by Prime Minister Modi during his speech. The letter Group Captain Singh had written to students at his school about success was brought up by the speaker.

In reading this letter, the first thing that came to mind was how, even after reaching the pinnacle of success, he made sure to nurture his roots. Second, when he had the opportunity to celebrate, he expressed concern for the generations that would follow. According to Prime Minister Modi, he wanted “to make the lives of the students at the school where he studied a cause for celebration as well.”