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Pixel 5 users are again facing problems

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It appears that Pixel 5 clients are again confronting issues with the lead smartphone. This time it’s about the phone’s volume. As per a few clients on Reddit and Google’s authentic help gatherings, there may be two separate issues with the gadget. Yet both are comparable to a similar volume issue.

As per a few, the volume drops arbitrarily while playing recordings. However, some others are confronting a contrary circumstance by and large. They state that the volume gets excessively uproarious on occasion for notice alarms. And screen captures and the camera shade button among other framework sounds also have issues. What’s more awful is that utilizing the volume slider doesn’t settle the issue by any means.

One of the clients on Google uphold gathering states “I previously saw this when I went to record a voice message in WhatsApp; contacting the mic and delivering it both brought about boisterous sounds. I attempted the equivalent in the local messages application that accompanied the telephone; while the sound isn’t close to as repulsive, it’s still exorbitantly uproarious, disregarding my volume settings. Maybe the most evident occasion is the sound of the screen capture. These things are boisterous and don’t mind how I manage my volume sliders.”

For some, the best way to cut back the volume is by empowering the quiet or vibrate mode.

However, luckily, Google knows about the issue yet the answer doesn’t affirm if Google will take care of this issue or let it be. A Google people group pro said in the discussion post “With each new Pixel smartphone we work to improve volumes to ensure clients don’t miss significant calls and notices. On Pixel the settings for ringtones and notices are integrated so these volume changes influence both of these settings. Much obliged to you for your criticism about these settings and we will attempt to make enhancements in future reports on Pixel 5.”