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These phones can be your first choice in less than 20,000 rupees or 350 USD.

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If you are looking for a good and cheap smartphone then this news is for your work. It is often seen that users go to the look of the phone while buying a mobile or on the company’s features they do not need. We are telling you about the smartphones that have received good reviews from the users and which are right for you in the real sense.

1. Xiaomi Mi A1- Mi A1 mobile not only preferred older users of Xiaomi, but also among those users, this phone was quite popular, whose first choice was not Xiaomi. Mi A1 was the first phone of Xiaomi who came to the Indian market with dual cameras. The phone’s biggest feature is its telephoto lens in its secondary camera, which works like One Plus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus. There is a 2x optical zoom feature in the secondary lens, due to this, the photo taken from the phone is more in depth and the quality of the photo comes in stunning. Xiaomi Mi A1 is the best phone in the price of less than 15,000.

2. Moto G5 Plus- It was Moto’s first mid-range smartphone that came in 2017. The cameras quality on both sides of the phone is quite attractive. Due to the price of less than 15 thousand and good photo features, this phone was very much liked among users. Moto G5 Plus has a 12-megapixel primary camera. The phone has an auto focus, dual LED flash and 1.7 / F extraction. GO tagging, touch focus, face detection and auto-HDR features are provided in the phone. With this, the phone has a 5 mega pixel front camera of 2.2 / f aperture.

3. Honor 8- Rs 29,999 Launched Honor 8 Mobile is currently priced at 19,999. In Honor 8, two cameras of 2.2 / f aperture are given together. Phone cameras work like the Hwai P9 camera. Rich color comes in a photo from a camera and the other camera is used to take monochrome photo. Light and clearness in the photo taken with the help of both cameras comes spectacular.

4. The iPhone SE- IPhone is shaped like SE and the design is like the iPhone 5S. While its A9 processor and the rear camera is like the iPhone 6S. The current price of the iPhone SE is Rs 18,999, which makes it affordable in mobile with a price less than 20,000 thousand.

You can also consider Gionee S6, Samsung , Lenovo and Oppo Smartphones, these are excellently working and good user reviews.