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City pets- living in the jungle of concrete

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 The mighty Lord has provided us with lots of creatures some of them are called friends and some of them are known as out pets. These days’ people don’t call them pets, they call them their family members, a friend or love of their life, but do all animals can survive the city life, the small spaces, discipline lifestyle, and less or none of their kind, the answer is NO. Not every animal is meant for hectic city life (that includes some of our own kind).

But as we all are aware of pets bring a positive vibe to our life, their psyche is developed to be trusting, loving, and caring, and some of the animals actually work for rehabilitation centers where they actually work as a happy helper! They help the patients to be less depressed and anxious, and that makes the heroes of the era!

 As I said earlier that not everyone can beat the tension of the city so most of the animals still have to stay out in jungles, although sometimes they get too curious about cities, so sometimes they kind of visit our side but ended up making us their lunch/dinner. So according to the shapes, sizes, lifestyle and budget here is a list of few animals who are flexible and yet cute enough to make out morning smile and out nights shine

Poultry animals – To all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans here, we all had a dream of having a chick and a duck at our place like chandler and joey. But we all hesitated, as it was an American show and we live in a real world. Not to worry about as it is legal and safe to have poultry animals as pets, they are pocket friendly, compact, easy to pet with low maintenance, and can be the mankind’s best friends and don’t forget the free eggs and giggles that you can have! But as a disclaimer, find the vet that can treat the kind of birds and animals as they are not so common in the city.

Aquatic animals – We all wonder about the fish lives, finding nemo and dory was one of them we how can we forget the coolest turtles of the ocean (baby squirt, daddy crush). As turtles, fishes, and some of the harmless sea creatures are legal to pet and amazing for deep thoughts and peaceful minds, they are little high maintenance, cleaning fish tank, changing water, and the water purifier, they eat less and super cute to keep. It also fascinate your guest and keep the busy with something.

Common pets – The most common category of the era, we all know about the dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds, and monkeys are cute and legal animals in India. They range from adoption to high-end auctions. They are fluffy, fun to play, and keeps you active, easy-going for small spaces. Each has its own need and requirement of food, shelter, vet, and activity. They are wildly accepted as best buddies more than any other category, found in abundance.

At the end all the animals are cute but only some can make to city life, as animals are as living as we are I request all the readers, try to adopt the homeless let them be the part of your world. Treat any and every animal with respect and sensitivity as they cannot understand your language but they can under the emotion that you share and gesture you show to them, to be a pet owner you have to under your pet or your happy helper!