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Petroleum prices is now down, Protest against the French government due to rising the petrol prices.

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Paris, After the violent demonstration due to a hike in petrol-diesel prices in France’s capital Paris last week, the French government has deferred the decision to increase petroleum taxes and prices. The decision taken on Tuesday has been tried to calm down the people who are harming the public property. However, the demonstrators are telling their protest as the “first step” and are talking about continuing opposition to the rising prices of petroleum.

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe addressed people live on Tuesday through TV and said that the increase in petroleum prices in January has been postponed to the summer. This big U-turn of President Emmanuel Macron’s government is being seen as an attempt to calm people.

Three weeks ago, Prime Minister Philippe insisted that the government will not change its stand in this matter, but in his live address on TV, he said, “No tax is as important as putting the unity of the country in danger.”

Angry people are exhibiting in yellow clothing with the increase in petroleum prices in France. They blocked several petrol pumps near the highway and also captured a toll booth from where the vehicle used to go for free. They put a board on the side of the road, which was written, ‘Macron dictator.’ Speaking to the media, Benjamin, who led a demonstration group, said, “This is the first step, but we will not be happy with any ruckus.”

In a coastal city of France, some students clashed with police outside a high school. After this, the French Minister of Education reported that nearly 100 high school students blocked or blocked their work throughout France. The current situation is pointing out that in the coming days, this protest in Paris could be strong. In this protest last week, 130 people were injured in Paris and 412 were arrested. Shops were looted and cars were set on fire.

In view of these circumstances, Prime Minister Philippe said, “This violence must stop.” Philippe spoke to the representatives of several major political parties on Monday in connection with this problem and President Macro also canceled his two-day visit to Serbia. Emmanuel Macron was elected president in May 2017, after which it is the biggest crisis that has ever happened to him.