Petition for Rs 2 crore filled by Kangana for demolition of her office

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The fight of Kangana Ranaut against the BMC and the Maharashtra government is now moving forward to a new dispute. This means that Kangana has now filled its petition for Rs 2 crores as the damages for the demolition of her office in Mumbai and she has stated in the same that it was an illegal demolition. She has added that the BMC has demolished almost 40% of her office and for this, interim relief is also demanded so that the office made that much that they are able to at least use it. This 40% of the office that was demolished included many precious artworks, chandeliers, and many other valuable things.

This all has happened after the demolition of Kangana’s office on 9th September 2020 when she was not in Mumbai and behind her BMC demolished her office. She along with her lawyer has approached the high court regarding this matter. In the plea that is amended now, they added that even if the court rejected their earlier reply to BMC’s notice regarding demolition but that happened on 10:35 AM on the same day but as per the tweets of Kangana the BMC officials were already there outside her office all ready to demolish the office.

The lawyer and Kangana with the plea are claiming that the lawyer of Kangana already went to the officer regarding the reply of BMC’s notice on 9th September and he also conveyed that the matter regarding this demolition is scheduled for 12:30 PM. But no BMC official listened to him and ignored him and after that, we all know what happened.

To the plea that was submitted earlier, BMC replied and told the High Court that in Kangana’s office various alterations were made and these alterations were contrary to the sanctioned plan. After noticing this the BMC officials took the necessary step and they added that the demolition that was done by them was not illegal and was justified. And after noticing both Kangana’s and BMC’s statements, the high court stated that Kangana Ranaut has made “false, baseless, unwarranted allegations”. And the court added that she should not reach court for protecting her against these kinds of unlawful works. Also in addition the court said that she has not made any dispute regarding unlawful alterations and additions that were made in the office.

On another day the lawyer of Kangana approached the court to reply for the statement that was made by the court and they asked the court for allowing them to make amendments in the plea that was submitted by them. They added that they filled the petition in haste and to its response, the court allowed them for making necessary amendments in the plea and asked them to get it done by 14th September. The court also ordered BMC that they have to respond to the plea amended by Kangana on 14th September and the date that was given for the same was September 18. Another hearing on this case has been scheduled by the court on 22nd September.

Till another hearing on this case, BMC is not allowed to make any more or additional demolition at Kangana’s office.