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Perhaps, the Thailand football team could not come out. The team may also die in the cave.

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Mae Sai, The Thai Navy SEAL commander said on Friday that there was not much time left for the young football team trapped in the cave and their coach. For the first time, an official has admitted that the boys can not wait until the monsoon is over to get out.

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Thai Seal Head told to the media, ‘First we thought that the children can live for a long time but now things have changed, we have limited time.’ Let us know that earlier it was said that children have 4 months’ food Is being transported because it can take months to remove them.

Tell that the statement of Navy Seal commander came after death inside a former thai seal commander’s cave. The reason for the death of the former commander is due to lack of oxygen in the cave. Thai officials are constantly trying to evacuate the cave-filled water where 12 children of football team and their coach are stranded on June 23.

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