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People’s inclination towards remote work has increased rapidly. Search for ‘remote work’ job increased by 377%, it is expected to continue.

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The Novel Coronavirus epidemic has drastically changed the way people work. A report said that from February to May, the ‘search’ of ‘remote work’ (remote office work) jobs in the country has increased by 377%. The report said that job seekers are now more willing to work remotely i.e. away from the office.

The report of the job site Indeed says that the search for ‘remote’, work from home, and other similar words has increased rapidly during the search. From February to May 2020, the search for remote work has jumped 377 %. Similarly, there has been a 168 % increase in the search for jobs for remote work and work from home.

Earlier studies have also revealed that 83 % of job seekers consider remote work policy to be important. Not only this, 53 % of the employees said that if they are provided with the option of working away from the office, then they are also ready to take salary cuts.