toeing house

Here people are taking their houses in trucks like this, specially the reason.


This view is visible in the photographs of Kiruna City of Sweden. Here people are going to another town by placing them on their trucks. Actually, this city is being evacuated due to iron mine. Here is the biggest quarry in the country of Iron and due to the continuous iron removal, the houses of the city are threatening to become landlocked. Because of this, the government is settling in the area of ​​’New Kiruna’ in the area, about 5 km away from Kiruna.Only 18,000 is around the population.

– Kyrgyna City of Sweden is Famous for the largest cast iron mine in the world.
– Iron is being removed from here for the past 40 years and this cycle continues. Because of this, the danger of collapsing houses is increasing as the underground tunnels have made their way. However, the government is giving people a lot of compensation and building other houses.

Besides this, the government has also decided that houses built here will not be demolished.
These houses will stay the same way as long as they do not collapse, but the government does not want to take the life of a person.

However, some people have so much affection for their home that they do not want to leave the memories here.
Because of this, many people are taking their wooden houses together. For this purpose, the help of experts is being taken.