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Penis has grown 10 times bigger due to infection.

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It took a person to go to his ‘Dream Holiday’ quite a lot. David Versace, 59, went to Tunisia to celebrate holidays but here he got the name of African salmonella, which spread to his genitalia. A few days later, a ‘like volcanic bomb explosion’ was found in his testicle.

David told ‘The Sun’ that when he went back to his home, his private part was 10 times bigger than normal size due to infections, but one day when he went to bath, he was thrown out.

David said, ‘After the holidays, my semen was swollen as the size of an orange and it became so heavy that it was made of glass. The pain was so much that I started feeling like I’m about to die. After all, when he broke, I was relieved. ‘

David told that he had an infection called African salmonella, which is caused by dirty water or food. It affects most intestines. David further said that the infection was so much that doctors refused to sleep with his wife. His private party was so heavy that he had to keep holding his hand and walk. When the doctor later saw it, he told that it was like a volcanic eruption. David said that this sentence greatly influenced his mental state.