Pegasus spyware

Pegasus spyware: Pegasus spyware appeals to the Supreme Court, supporters of the software ban and SIT petition investigation

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The Supreme Court has filed a lawsuit over the Pegasus spyware scandal. Sharma Supreme Court Prosecutor M.L. Supreme Court requested SIT to investigate the espionage case and filed a motion to declare its use unconstitutional. Kumar questioned the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) regarding the alleged use of Israeli spyware Pegasus to spy on at least 300 people. Telephone numbers, including those of opposition leaders, activists, and journalists.

The name of Rahul Gandhi also claimed to be involved in the investigation. Chaudhary’s spy list Anil Kumar also stated that the name of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is also on the list of possible surveillance targets. He believes that Gandhi is the “target” of the current government. Because he has repeatedly raised “embarrassing issues” such as corruption in the Rafale Agreement, harassment of farmers, and mismanagement of the new crown virus pandemic.

Kumar said at a press conference in the DPCC office

Kumar also questioned the silence of Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the alleged eavesdropping of opposition leaders and other well-known citizens. More than 300 mobile phone numbers of two Indian ministers, more than 40 journalists, and three opposition leaders (including many business people and human rights activists) may have been hacked by the Israeli spy program Pegasus.

Sachin Pilot also called for a fair investigation of the Pegasus spyware

Call for a fair investigation of the Pegasus spy case, effective immediately. So that the blame can be transferred to him. The pilot told reporters here on Wednesday that if the Indian government investigates the case. The truth will never be known. For this reason, Congress also called for this investigation to be conducted at the judge level of the Supreme Court. He said that it is necessary to understand the core of this issue. Also, he said that the French government has ordered a serious investigation into the matter.

He said: “Who are the people and what government? Who is in charge? A fair investigation must be conducted immediately and accountable to the joint parliamentary committee. If the investigation is to be conducted under the protection of the Supreme Court, the truth will be revealed. The former prime minister said that people I suspect that, according to the government, we did not make it illegal, and then who made it. The payment has been paid, who paid, how long it took. And a fair investigation will lead to many enlightenments, and we will pursue it to the end.