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Passpost Seva App: You can apply for passport from anywhere in the country with the help of mobile app.

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New Delhi, Confronting difficulties in making passports, is now going to be a thing of the past. Now you can apply for a passport from anywhere in the country through the mobile app while sitting at home and after completion of all the procedures, the passport will be reached to your home. Under the Digital India campaign of Narendra Modi Government, the Ministry of External Affairs announced this on Tuesday on the occasion of Passport Service Day.

No marriage certificate
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, while giving this information, also mentioned several problems in making passports and announcing to eliminate them. She also said that there will be no need for Marriage Certificate to make a passport. External Affairs Minister said, “Many old and dilemma rules have been abolished for passport application. The rules have been simplified. Rules have been made for the common citizens.

The difficulty of birth date is also easy
Sushma said, “The worst problem came with the birth date. For this birth certificate was sought but, now we have included 7-8 papers for birthdate which will make this difficult. Now if the date of birth, driving license or similar government recognized papers will be accepted.

Rule for Sages-Sannyasis, Divorced Wives Also Made Easy
The External Affairs Minister said that for the children of orphanage, the head of the head who will give birth date will be valid only. In the case of saintly sannyasis, the names of the gurus will be valid in place of their parents. Apart from this, the names of their former husbands will not be asked on the application of a passport, from the divorced wife.

download app
To download the Passport Services app, you can download this app by going to Google Playstore. Through this app, you can handle many work related to passport.

Total 307 passport service centers in the country
Sushma said that there are a total of 307 passport service centers in the country. He said that there has been a passport revolution in the country in the last four years. We have opened a total of 212 passport service centers in the last four years. Passport service centers will be opened in every Lok Sabha area to pass the passport. Not a single Lok Sabha constituency in the country will be left where there will be no passport service center.