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Palestine: Thousands of people arrive in the nurse’s funeral, shot by Israeli Force.

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Gaza, Thousands of people engage in a young nurse killed in Israeli attacks in Palestine. Razaan Al-Nazar, 21, was the volunteer of the Health Ministry in Gaza. On Friday, Khan died due to a bullet on Razaan chest near Khan Yunis. Ambulance and medical personnel also joined this event. Razaan’s father had caught the same white medical jacket, which was worn by Razaan during the attack.

According to the relatives of Razaan, nazar used to help in the treatment of the injured during the violence-cross-border violence. More than 115 people have died in this violence that started in late March, in which the Nazar were second woman.

After the funeral, dozens of people went to the barricades and started throwing stones at Israeli soldiers on the other. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, five protesters were injured in the Israeli strike. Responding to Palestine’s allegations, Israel said that she has just fired on people trying to cross the border under the guise of protest.

Let us know that a few weeks ago there was a horrific violence on the Gaza-Israel border and at least 100 Palestinian citizens were killed by the Israeli security forces. The killed Palestinians were opposing the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem.