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Palestine issue raised by Israel, India said – No impact on relations.

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New Delhi, During the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India, there was talk on Palestine and Jerusalem on Monday. Israel raised the issue of Palestine and Jerusalem before India, on which India too had its side. Finally, the two countries have agreed that this issue will not be allowed to dominate the relations between the two countries. India has said that its relations will not be affected.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a tour of India from January 14 to 19. They had talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. There was no mention of the Palestinian issue in a shared statement after the talks, but Secretary (Economic Relations) Vijay Gokhale, in the Ministry of External Affairs, said that the issue of Palestine also raised in the talks. He said that we have cleared our position on both Palestine and Jerusalem issues. The two sides agreed that the relations between the two countries will not be tied to one issue. We will continue the dialogue on this issue.

It is worth mentioning that India’s attitude towards having Jerusalem as the capital in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was very much discussed in the recent past. In fact, the United States had decided to take Jerusalem to its embassy as the Israeli capital. India supported the resolution brought in the United Nations against the American move. After this, questions were asked if India did not go with US and Israel.

On the other hand, Palestine wants India to come forward to resolve its dispute with Israel. The Ministry of External Affairs said that the situation in West Asia has also been discussed. The talks between the two leaders were intended to increase cooperation in agriculture, science-technology and defense. Oil, gas and cyber security were chosen as new subjects.

Israel wants to protect Indians

Netanyahu said that we want more cooperation in defense so that our people can stay safe. PM Modi said that he has asked Israeli companies to take advantage of liberal foreign investment system in India. Explain that despite the recent close relationship, the plan to build an anti-tank guided missile with the Israeli company in the name of Spike was withdrawn recently with the Israeli company. It was seen as a major setback for India and Israel’s defense relations.

On whether the issue of Spike missile was raised in the conversation, an official from the Ministry of External Affairs said that there was a dialogue between the two countries on defense cooperation, but no one defense can be commented on the purchase. In general, such an issue arises in an official level conversation, not in the top-level conversation. In a joint statement issued after the talks between Modi and Netanyahu, it has been said that Israeli companies are ready for joint venture in India, in 2018, the defense minister of both countries talk about the private and government companies involved.

Cooperation against terrorism

In the joint statement, strong measures against terrorism have been discussed, but Pakistan’s name has not been taken for cross-border terrorism. Both countries are on the target of the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, but in the joint statement, the name of the attack or Pakistan is not known, the Ministry of External Affairs said that the name of a particular country can not be taken every time. What has been said in the share statement is clear from the talk. The two countries share common ideas on terrorism.

In the conversation between Modi and Netanyahu, there was also a discussion on free trade agreement between the two countries. After this, 9 agreements or agreements were signed, which are from Cyber ​​Security, Petroleum, Air Transport, Space, Homeopathy, Investment, Battery, Solar Thermal and Joint Film Production. There is also talk of making Indian Cultural Center in Israel.

The warmth in mutual relations

The warmth of the relationship between Modi and Netanyahu was also seen on Monday. After the conversation, in the presence of the press, Modi welcomed Netanyahu in Hebrew language and addressed my friend Bibi (the domestic name of Netanyahu). Netanyahu also called my friend Narendra. He also said that whenever you do yoga, I will be together.

An official from the Ministry of External Affairs said that the lunch that was given by the Prime Minister on Monday in honor of the Israeli PM was playing ‘Ichak Dana Bichak Dana’ during the live band. Listening to this song, many Israeli people there said that this song is very popular here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel last July only. Even then, the warmth was witnessed between the two leaders.