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Pakistan’s claim, war with India to be in August.

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Islamabad, Pakistan has claimed that it is going to joint military exercises with India. If this happens then it will be the first time that the soldiers of India and Pakistan will not participate in joint military exercises without face to face. It has been confirmed by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry that Pakistan will be involved in military exercises together with India and other regional countries under the banner of SCO.

It is reported that in August this year it could be a joint military exercise in Russia. State Department spokesman Dr. Mohammad Faisal said in response to a question, “It will be under SCO. I will share more information from you after some time. ‘ More than that he did not provide the information.

According to the report of the Express Tribune, the focus of this joint military exercise will be to stop terrorist attacks and destroy terrorist networks. This is being called ‘Peace Mission 2018’. SCO training will be held in the Ural hills of Russia at the end of August and in the beginning of September.

This development is very important because the relations between India and Pakistan have been tense. Pakistan has been trying to infiltrate into India continuously. Often Pakistan continues to firing at the border, which is retaliated by Indian soldiers. The special thing is that even with China, there is bitterness in India’s relations, but this joint exercise will also include its troops.

Let us tell you that SCO does such practices regularly, but this will be the first time that India and Pakistan will be involved. Both neighbors had joined the organization as a full member in June last year.