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Pakistan will buy arms from Russia, it is going on.

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Pakistani Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir Khan has said that in addition to the air defense system, combat aircraft and war tanks, Pakistan was negotiating with Russia for the military structure. In a conversation with Russia’s news agency, Khan also talked about the growing cooperation with the Kremlin (Russia), which reflects Pakistan’s broad geo-strategic concerns.

Khan said, ‘We want to buy the technique of Russian weapons. Although the air defense system is currently negotiating on the system, we will announce it as soon as the bargain becomes firm.

The Defense Minister further said that Pakistan wants to buy T-90 tank from Russia and it will be a partnership for this deal for a long time.

Talking about security issues in South and Central Asia, the Defense Minister said that Pakistan and Russia both want a stable and democratic Afghanistan. Let me tell you that the Islamic State Islamic State in Pakistan has spread legs wide. He is mainly targeting the Shia Muslims there.

Enemy – friends
There was a time when Russia and Pakistan were enemies of each other, but in the last few years this antagonism is turning into friendship. Russia and Pakistan are now closer to each other to further develop military weapons and cooperation. 3-4 years ago, deals were discussed between Russia and Pakistan in the defense sector, under which he wanted to buy fighter jet and fighter aircraft from Russia.

Weapons to buy weapons in countries
On one hand, there was agreement on the purchase of weapons between Russia and Pakistan, while there are many other countries, among whom there is a competition to buy arms. According to a report, India is the largest buyer of weapons in the whole world. In the highest amount, they buys arms from Russia. According to statistics, 14% of the total arms imported in the world comes to India and it is three times the amount of weapons imported in China and Russia. All the countries are engaged in strengthening themselves in the military and defense sectors, and in this way Pakistan has also joined this competition.