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Pakistan scared from Hafiz’s party. Home Ministry has demanded that Hafiz Saeed not to register the Milli Muslim League as a political party.

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Pakistan’s Home Ministry has demanded that Hafiz Saeed not to register the Milli Muslim League as a political party.

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Home Ministry political party has demanded the registration of the Mili Muslim League (MML) not to be allowed. After the report of a security agency, the ministry has opposed registration of MML as a political party. According to the report, if the membership of the Milli Muslim League becomes a political party, then it will create violence and extremism in politics. The Ministry requested the Islamabad High Court not to consider the petition for registration of MML.

In September, MML-backed candidate Yakub Shaikh had secured 5,822 votes and was in fourth place in by-election in the National Assembly Assembly constituency of Lahore. After the name of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the Panama Paper scandal, this bye election took place. The internal ministry had banned the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

 The Election Commission of Pakistan had asked the Home Ministry to clarify the status of MML in relation to Section 3 (4) of the Political Parties Order (PPO) 2002. According to the PPO, an organization that reduces the integrity of Pakistan, promotes communal, regional or provincial hatred, it is not eligible for registration as a political party.

The Ministry processed the MML case according to the procedure and requested the security agencies for the report in this case. The security agency said that “it is difficult to believe that MML will be able to avail of its organizations and recommended groups. In view of international obligations, the Ministry of External Affairs also cited the response of MML Land.
MML challenged the October 11 order of the Election Commission following the demand of Saeed’s Milli Muslim League not registering as a political party to the Pakistan Election Commission of the Home Ministry. In August this year, Jamaat-ud-Dawa had set up MML for entry into politics, and promised to make Pakistan a real Islamic.

The US has already expressed concern about the alleged mastermind Sayeed of the 2008 terrorist attacks to run an office in Pakistan’s 2018 general elections.