Pakistan must take further steps against Taliban: US

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Washington, US Vice President Mike Pains has said in a tone to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi that his country will have to take further steps against the Taliban and other terrorist groups. White House has given this information. Abbasi has been on a private visit to the US to see his sick sister. Meanwhile, Abbasi met with Pence at his Naval Observatory residence on Friday.

This meeting happened at the request of Abbasi. In a statement issued on behalf of the White House, the statement said, “Vice President Pens reiterated President Trump’s request that the Pakistani government should deal with the problem of active Taliban, Haqqani network and other terrorist groups in their country and It has to be done. “It was said,” The Vice President said that the security of the US and terrorist groups threatening regional stability are in danger To continue their efforts. He said that Pakistan can work with the United States and it should do so.

According to the Dawn newspaper, Pence has told the Prime Minister of Pakistan that the Trump Administration can take unilateral action in case of non-compliant anti-terrorism action on behalf of Pakistan. This meeting lasted 30 minutes. According to Dawn, Pence stressed the need to take immediate action against Pakistan to stop cross-border attacks.