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Pakistan has more nuclear weapons but India is not doing anything on it. Says there is no tension.

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In the ongoing report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) on nuclear weapons, China and Pakistan may have been told much more in comparison to India, but the nuclear weapons available near New Delhi are quite capable and to answer anyone. Are enough Indian defense sources said on the report that more than the number of firearms is necessary and India is ahead in this case. According to Sipri’s report, China has twice the number of nuclear weapons in India, but Pakistan is also ahead of India in the case of nuclear storage is. According to the report, China has around 280 nuclear warheads. While Pakistan has nuclear weapons between 140-150, India has 130-140 nuclear warheads.

Although low in the numeral, India’s nuclear weapons are fully capable of answering anyone. According to the sources of Indian Defense Establishments, India is not worried about these figures because India has very powerful nuclear weapons and is in some kind of attack situation. India is working on modernization of these weapons even further.

The US and Russia are ahead in terms of nuclear weapons. The US has 6450 nuclear weapons while Russia has 6850 nuclear warheads. These two countries have 92% of the world’s nuclear weapons.

Sources of Indian Defense Establishments say that in order to face China and Pakistan, India has no choice but to develop such nuclear weapons, which is not only trustworthy, but in the event of an adversary attack, Also be able.

One source said, “The number of weapons does not matter. India has adopted the policy of not using nuclear weapons first. India is keen to work on the reliability of its weapons. Through NC3 (nuclear command, control and communication), India is confident about its nuclear weapons capability. ‘

Pakistan is deliberately pursuing its nuclear policy to make India proud. Islamabad is developing the Nuclear Complex with the help of China.

Sources said, “Nuclear weapons are not the weapons of war for India. But we need minimal nuclear capability so that we can be capable of counter-attack. ” He said that India will make about 200 nuclear warheads for the next decade.