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Again, Pakistan is going to take a loan of about six and a half billion rupees from China.

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Islamabad, On one hand, where Pakistan has been in discussions to protect terrorists, on the other hand it is also facing the problem of weak foreign currency storage. It is being said that Pakistan is going to borrow about six and a half billion rupees from China.

According to a news published in the Pakistan newspaper The Express Tribune, due to decreasing foreign exchange reserves the government of Pakistan was investigating loan term sheets. Now he has decided to take a loan of six and a half billion rupees. In this regard, the agreement between Pakistan and China was to be held in March.

Apart from China, borrowed from Saudi Arabia

Significantly, Pakistan has already taken loans from China. In the last three months, Pakistan had borrowed millions of crores of rupees from the Chinese bank ICBC.

According to this report, Pakistan’s eyes are now on easy but relatively expensive sources for financing. Not only China, but also from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan has taken loans. In 2014 Saudi Arabia paid Pakistan $ 1.5 billion.

The economic support given by Pakistan to Pakistan is a matter of great concern. On one side, the FATF, a Paris based organization tracking terrorist funding, has put Pakistan in the gray list, while China has stood as a subsidiary of Pakistan.

Pakistan does not stop Hafiz’s office

On the other hand, the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks and terrorist organization Jamaat-ud-Dawa is working in Pakistan with Hafiz Mohammad Saeed Dhadle, a gangster. The United States banned terrorist organizations such as Jamaat-ud-Dawa and FIF. After this ban, these terrorist organizations and their monks could not comfortably work in Pakistan or roam freely. Pakistan itself had claimed that Hafiz Saeed and the assets of both the organizations and their accounts have been sealed.

Last month, the Pakistani government had closed two headquarters of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, but Hafiz Saeed and his colleagues have so far camped in both the headquarters. An official from the Punjab province of Pakistan said that the government has not banned Saeed and his colleagues from going to any of his headquarters and office.

Pakistan on your promise

Due to pressure from other countries such as India and America, Pakistan had changed its Anti-Terrorism Act some time ago. Under it, Pakistan was to close the bank accounts and offices of the terrorist organizations and people which were banned by the UN Security Council. There was also the name of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the organization of Hafiz Saeed, but now the way Hafiz is openly using his office in Pakistan, obviously Pakistan has lied somewhere.