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Pak told the allegations of India is baseless, said-Jadhav’s wife had something in the shoes.

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What has happened to his mother and wife, who went to visit Kulbhushan, is now clarifying up by Pakistan.
Islamabad: Once again, inhuman acts of Pakistan have come in front of the whole world. The way Pakistan has met Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mother and wife, there is a lot of criticism all around. During the meeting, Jadhav of Pakistan had been removed from Bibi’s shoes, Mangalsutra and Banga-Bindi. What has happened to his mother and wife, who went to visit Kulbhushan, is now cleaned up by Pakistan.

Pakistan on Wednesday dismissed all accusations by claiming that Jadhav’s wife had something in the shoes, so the shoes were seized on the basis of security. In a statement issued by the State Department on behalf of Pakistan, Pakistan said that we do not want to participate in meaningless fighting of words. Pakistan also dismissed India’s baseless allegation about the approach of officials during a meeting with wife and mother.

The statement said that India is making baseless allegations after 24 hours of meeting with Jadhav’s wife and mother. Jadhav is a terrorist and a detective. He has accepted his crimes. If India was so worried then it should have raised this issue during this visit only in this media. We do not want to join the unimportant fight of words. Our openness and our transparency prove these allegations false.

When asked to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, why did Jadhav’s wife’s shoes not be returned after the meeting, told Dawn News that the shoes were seized on the security ground for security reasons. There was something in those shoes, so they are being examined.

The spokesman said that the shoes of Jadhav’s wife were provided to her and all her jewelry was returned to her. The spokesman said that Jadhav’s mother had thanked Pakistan on the basis of humanity which was also recorded by the media. There is no need to say anything on this issue now. 

India has accused Pakistan of hurting the cultural and religious sentiments of the members of the family under the pretext of security. India said during the meeting Jadhav was not allowed to speak in Marathi. Jadhav’s wife and wife’s clothes were changed. Even the Manglasutra and Bangala-Bindi were removed. Which was not necessary in terms of security.

During the meeting, Jadhav talked to mother and wife through intercom. Despite repeated requests from Jadhav’s wife, Pakistan has not returned. India has expressed serious concern on this. India suspects that some of it can be misused. At the same time, mother was stopped repeatedly to speak in her mother tongue (Marathi).

Let me tell that during this time, the Pak media harassed Jadhav’s wife and mother. It was already agreed between the two countries that on any side the media will not be allowed on this occasion. Jadhav’s mother and wife also troubled the Pakistan media. After the meeting, when the mother and wife were waiting for the train, the media asked them repeatedly about Jadhav’s terrorism.