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Pak Supreme Court gave 72 hours to catch the Zainab’s killers.

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Lahore, The Pakistani Supreme Court has given 72 hours of time to the Punjab Police for the arrest of the culprit in the case of rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl. This incident shook the whole country. Police in Punjab province of Punjab has failed to catch the baby girl’s dead body, whose body was found in a pile of litter on January 9.

DNA test of 800 suspects has been done in more than two weeks to identify the killer in this case. Pakistan’s Chief Justice Mian Shakib Nisar heard the case in the Lahore Registry and punished the Punjab Police for failing to catch the victim’s killer. In 2011, parents of eight girls, who were victims of rape and murder in Kasur appeared before the Supreme Court bench and pleaded for justice.

Justice Nisar said, “Such a heinous crime has been committed with an innocent child, which can not be used in words.” At the same time, he ordered the Inspector General to arrest the killer within 72 hours. The girl’s parents had gone to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and the child was living near her aunt.

After kidnapping, the child seems to be pregnant with a stranger on the Pirovala road, in CCTV footage. The police failed to detect the kidnapper and on January 9, the baby’s body was found near Shahbaz Khan Road near a garbage pile. In the post-mortem report it has been confirmed that the girl was raped, she was tortured and then her neck was stabbed.

There is no clue in this matter since getting the body of the girl, and this case has spread sensation internationally. Anti-terrorism department, intelligence bureau and Punjab Forensic agency are investigating the case.