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Pak reversed the flow of the Neelum River, stirred against the Pok’s people ‘water wars’?

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Muzaffarabad , Pakistan has now launched a ‘water wars’ against the people in its occupied Kashmir. It has been seen in a video that Pakistan has turned the water of the Neelum river into Punjab, which is the life line for the people of Kashmir with its rights.

Pakistan is depriving the people of Muzaffarabad through a detailed plan of Neelum river water. Now the water of the Neelum river is being diverted to the Punjab province, due to which the river is drying even after monsoon. At the same time, the Punjab province remains a favorite of Pakistan. Performed in Muzaffarabad against this move of Pakistan. People say that by giving water to Punjab, Pakistan is waging a war against the people of POK.

The river passing through Muzaffarabad now appears as sewage wastewater and odor-filled drainage because the water from the mountains has been moved towards the Punjab province. The resident of Muzaffarabad said, “It is now necessary to start the movement to bring the reality of Pakistan to the world. The rulers of Pakistan and PoK will have to know that the change in water flow and pollution from the Neelum Jhelum hydropower project is on the rise, it will increase the diseases. ‘

Another resident said, ‘Government should declare a relief package to save people from diseases.’ The person further said, “The power produced by the Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project will give all the benefits to the people of Pakistan.” We want to ask the Government of Pakistan that what will we get from this project which is going to earn 50 billion rupees? Rather than providing us free electricity they charge us four times more than that. We demand free electricity for Muzaffarabad and all the POKs. ‘