Pakistan's Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir Khan

Pak Defense Minister said, “America is trying to convince us that India is not a threat.

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Islamabad, Now after Pakistan’s US patronization of terrorism and security help prevented, Pakistan has said that the US is trying to convince him that India is not a threat to it. Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan said that the US wants Islamabad to change its strategic approach towards New Delhi.

He also said that this time it is in a humble way to negotiate with America. The Pak minister said that there is a need to keep all the issues on the tables of dialogue, and to remove all the misunderstandings between Islamabad and Washington, from the ruthless talks.

According to a report by Dawn, Khan read out the government’s policy of foreign policy on Monday and the policy statement on security situation in Pakistan, Khan expressed regret and said that the US has taken India’s aggressive approach to the Line of Control (LoC) and working boundary. Not taken seriously

The Defense Minister said that perception of the fundamental differences between Pakistan and the United States has been a major issue for India. He said, “The time has come that Pakistan and the US should keep all issues on the table of dialogue in a humble manner.” Khan said that Washington is trying to convince us that India is not a threat. He alleged, “But the truth is always true. India’s strength and intention are both hostile to Pakistan in today’s time.

Significantly, Pakistan has been accusing India of hiding its antics that it is using Afghanistan for its activities against it. However, India has dismissed such allegations altogether. Khan alleges that India has increased the number of troops, materials and checkpoints on the border from Pakistan. He also said that 2017 has been a dangerous year for the violation of the seizure violation on LoC.

He claimed that India has increased its military capability today and is busy preparing for war. He further said that due to the current hostile attitude of the Government of India and the anti-Pakistan stand, the space for peace has diminished. Hitting the US, the minister said that the US is not able to win war against terror in Afghanistan, so it is making Pakistan a scapegoat.