Padmavat stop releasing in Malaysia, now the feelings of this community have been hurt.


Padmavat has been released after protests in India. It was a strong protest due to Rajput society’s feelings, but now the film is not being released in Malaysia for the same reason. Here the feelings of another community are not hurt, not the Rajputs.

Malaysia’s National Film Censorship Board has prevented the release of this film. Since Malaysia is a Muslim majority country. Residents of this country are angry with the negative character of Mughal ruler Allauddin in the film.

Malaysian censor board chief mo Jambrei Abdul Aziz in his statement said that the content of this film can be a concern for the Malaysian people. Much of Malaysia’s population is supposed to be a Muslim religion. People’s feelings will be hurt by this story. ‘ Please tell that Khilji is shown violent, greedy and gothic in the film.

Malaysia’s distributors have appealed against the decision of the Board in the independent Appeal Committee. Now they are expected to get the release approval.

Here, the army opposing Padmavath has repeatedly reprimanded his opponent, but has also kept a condition. The Karna army said on Saturday that if Bhansali is willing to hand over the rights to the film ‘Padmavat’, then she is ready to pay the cost of making the film. At the same time, the Karani army talked of not participating in the violent incidents that took place during the protest in the country.

Let’s say that the film, released on January 25, is registering record breaks at the Global Box Office. The film’s earnings figure has crossed Rs 80 crore rupees till Saturday. The film is going to record a superb record at the box office from the opening day itself. This film has also hit the foreign box office. In the UK, US, Canada and Australia, film Padmavat is getting great response.

100 crore club entry in the first weekend

Film Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh ​​has tweeted the movie’s earnings figures. According to the tweet, the film has earned Rs 83 crore by Saturday. If you look at the film’s earnings for four days in the country, then Wednesday (Limited preview) will get Rs 5 crore, Rs 32 crore on Friday, Rs 27 crore on Saturday Of earning.