Sperm donor,faulty genes,17 father of 500 children

Over 500 children from 17 sperm donors, haunting the dangers of faulty genes.

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London, 17 British sperm donor has given birth to more than 500 children. These figures are presented in a report. It is now fearing that this may have an impact on the genotype of dozens of young people. It means that without regard to each other’s relations, ‘siblings’ can remain in relations. Statistics of the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority say that between 1991 and 2015, sperm donor is the father of more than 500 children. Understand the data, then one person is the father of about 20 to 29 children.

However, these sperm donor is tested for serious illness like HIV, Hepatitis B and C, CJD, Cystic Fibrosis. But genes of these sperm donor are not investigated, which in some cases can promote cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The Charity Overarian Cancer Action says that if a person in a family of sperm donors is diagnosed with cancer, then his genes can be examined.

Mary-Claire Plat, chief of Ovarian Cancer Action, told the Daily Telegraph, “Without investigating hereditary cancer, donor is transferring serious illness to information without which there is a possibility of oral and breast cancer.” This is a matter of great concern for couples who are going to adopt these children. Platt said, “We ask the authorities to check out donor’s genetic cancer, so that in future no child has to face such a serious disease.”

According to a report of 2013, it is reported that 50 percent of the children born of the sperm were diagnosed with cancer. Clinical doctor Jupp Triu of Fertility Partnership says that he feels that testing and linking for sperm donor will be done in the future.