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Ovarian cancer is spreading after using Johnson’s baby powder, company will give 5 billion USD fine.

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Washington, A US court has imposed a fine of $ 4.69 billion (approximately 321 billion rupees) on Johnson and Johnson, a court in the US state of Missouri. According to the news published in the Washington Post, the court imposed this fine after the appeal of 22 women. Women had claimed in the appeal that due to the use of the company’s talcum powder, they became a patient of ovarian cancer.

The jury of the Missouri Court ordered compensation after 8 hours of hearings. The pharmaceutical company sells the product to the powder, in which the presence of some such elements was recorded earlier, which could lead to lung cancer. However, there is a lot of controversy about taking a childhood cancer out of powdered use.

After the decision, Johnson and Johnson issued a statement saying, “The decision of the court is very disappointing for us. Johnson and Johnson still believe in him that there is no use in our product that causes kidney cancer. We are now contemplating the appeal against the other. ‘

In a statement issued by the company, it was said that women are generally using talc powder which are meant for children. The applicant woman’s lawyer, Nepal, had used this powder after bathing, after which there was a complaint of ovarian cancer. The lawyer of the appeal said that after this decision, the company’s team will now offer better products in front of the medical board.